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We are experts in tutorials online!

Meet our start-up

We are a start-up company established in 2017 in Poland and operating mainly in the financial and telecommunications sector.

Our StartupTutorial Online combines various competences and experience which we have gained during many years of work in IT and HR areas in large companies, consulting companies and providers of e-learning solutions.

We have developed and implemented an innovative solution - Tutorial Online, which is a flexible, agile digital knowledge transfer and user support tool.

Tutorial Online provides proven value both as a tool for remote knowledge transfer and user support, and as a solution improving process efficiency and supporting employee effectiveness.

Find out what problems we can solve

The concept of our solution emerged during the implementation programme for a large insurance company which we supported within the change management stream. During the system implementation, we noted some deficiencies in traditional training solutions frequently applied in complex and long-term agile implementation projects. That project as well as other large-scale implementation projects we supported so far have provided us with unique experience and perspective which inspired our thinking about how we could improve the efficiency of knowledge transfer without increasing the cost it entails.
The most important challenge was to deliver the right scope of knowledge - not less and not more than necessary, and to deliver it at the right time - exactly when it is needed and preferably without leaving the workplace. The next question was how to manage effective knowledge transfer during projects with dynamic changes in the user interface. A year later, in response to those needs we developed Tutorial Online 1.0.
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Check the value we can bring to your company

Tutorial Online adds the value! 

It provides users with a precisely defined scope of knowledge (not less / not more than necessary).

It enables easy and quick update of knowledge content in order to manage high dynamics of change during implementation of large and complex agile projects.

It provides users with knowledge at the right time (exactly when it is needed).

It increases the effectiveness of knowledge transfer and user support without increasing the level of costs (no costs involved in traditional training, possible in-service training).

It provides data on the actual efficiency of processes and employee activity, enabling optimisation of key processes and improvement of employee effectiveness.

Your benefits from Tutorial Online implementation


Saving time by performing tasks and processes faster. (75%)

Cost reduction

Reduction of costs entailed in traditional training courses (e.g. workshops, e-learning). (50%)


Higher efficiency of knowledge transfer compared to traditional training courses. (80%)

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