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Case study
The largest national insurance company

  •  The largest Polish insurance company has implemented a new Target Operating Model including a new core insurance system. Due to the complexity and duration of the programme and the number of new products introduced in all business lines, a solution was sought to speed up the development of training content and ensure more efficient transfer of knowledge about the system, products and processes than in-service training and e-learning.
  • After the successful pilot testing, it was decided that Tutorial Online should be implemented as the main tool for knowledge transfer and support in sales channels working on the new insurance platform. For 3 years Tutorial Online has been used in the company by 15,000 agents, salesmen and customer service consultants.

  • As key advantages provided by Tutorial Online, our client indicated saving the costs of producing e-learning content, reducing the costs of standard training for agents and enabling agents to learn the new system, products and processes during their day-to-day real work with the new system.

Case study 
Large Polish retail bank

  • Poland’s largest retail bank was struggling with the problem of high employee turnover. The acquisition of a large number of new employees was associated with a long induction process and the need to delegate experts to support the introduction of less experienced colleagues. The bank was looking for a solution that would reduce the onboarding time for new employees and support the more experienced employees at work.
  • The Bank decided to pilot test the implementation of Tutorial Online as a tool to ensure quick knowledge transfer and seamless induction of new employees and support the work of the existing employees. The pilot test of Tutorial Online was a success, as a result of which the Bank decided to commercially implement our solution for the entire area of distribution.
  • Currently, Tutorial Online provides quick onboarding and training of new employees working with the Bank’s sales systems, and more than 8,000 Financial Advisors are supported by Tutorial Online in the implementation of new processes and performing less frequently used processes in the systems.

Case study
A leading national telecommunications provider

  • One of the largest Polish telecom operators needed to develop and improve its existing sales system and ensure its self-explanatory and easy use. The implemented changes required training of a large number of users who had to learn how to work with the upgraded system and the changes that had been introduced. The company estimated the initial costs of the planned training as very high.
  • As an alternative to traditional training, the company decided to pilot Tutorial Online to assess the value of our tool in terms of effective knowledge transfer to a large group of employees. The pilot test was evaluated very high, as a result of which the Company decided to commercially implement Tutorial Online as a tool throughout the entire organisation.
  • Tutorial Online allowed for a significant reduction in training costs, ensuring fast and effective knowledge transfer in terms of changes in systems. Moreover, owing to Tutorial Online functionalities supporting the system users in real time during their work, the Company was able to reduce labour costs associated with the need to leave workstations and devote employees’ time to traditional training courses.

Case study
The largest DTH platform in Central and Eastern Europe

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